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This years plans finally came together

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It was tough this year with a lot of changes in plans but I think it has all fallen into place now. We're going to head south-south west out of Michigan down to the Ozarks. From there we'll head west across Ok, TX, NM and AZ with multiple stops along the way. We'll eventually end up at the Grand Canyon. Plan to see both south and north rims before heading for Zion. From there on to Monument Valley and then Mesa Verede. Might hang around in Colorado after that, time permitting before heading home. Should be a nice trip and I'm looking forward to it already but first DS gets to attend some Scout camps. 

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sounds awesome nathan....

action packed itinerary for sure !

i will be just outside of denver somewhere around august 22nd/23rd.....

not sure if you're swinging up that far north or not....

Happy Camper:
Nathan; that's the trip we want to do next year!!; The Southern tier..  thanks Paul for the heads-up on way points and what not on our excursion west; the northern route. We leave in 12 days!! We will be gone for 23.. The shipping company is getting the RV next Thursday and meeting us at Salt Lake Airport when our flight arrives the 21st.  Truly a "bucket list" trip for us!!  Nathan/Paul please post pictures; we'll do the same.

Meeting my brother who lives outside of Salt Lake City in a town on the Green River, called Dutch John; He owns a guided fly fishing business there; we're starting off with 2 days of Trout Fishing on the Green River! Then Dinosaur NP, Tetons, Yellowstone for a week camping at Fishing Bridge CG where Yellowstone Lake meets the Yellowstone River and the Yellowstone "Grand Canyon'. Rushmore, Badlands, etc.. Paul; we're going to hit Wisconsin Dells as recommended on the way home..  and of course Cedar Point..  can't friggin wait..

Safe Travels Nathan & Paul..



Yes, safe travels to all. Have to be home by August 20th unfortunately Paul.

Happy, that should be a great trip!  Enjoy it. We'll all have a lot of photos to share!

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