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Captain Rejecto:
Well Judy and I are off to sunny South Padre Island.  I guess it will take us about 8 hours to get there.  We will see if last weeks tropical storm stirred up the waters. Most likely not. 

Have a great trip!!!

Let us know how it is and where you camped.  It has been just too hot for us to get the Outback on the road. 

Captain Rejecto:
Judy and I stayed at the South Padre KOA.  That is the one that Mark and Tish stay at when they go down there.  We had a good time, but it was HOT ! ! ! (not as hot as Houston area though).   We spent a lot of time on the beach, in the water.  We did meet some more Outbackers, one from San Antonio, one from Laredo and one from Eagle Lake.

Sounds like you guys had a good trip!! Where do you head next?


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