Author Topic: Malware to infect computers world-wide on Monday 7/9/2012 - Get the Fix here  (Read 1172 times)

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Watch this video from Clarke Howard on Headline News (sorry about the embeded comercial):
the check and fix is easy:
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Your title got my attention but now I see that you actually got it backwards. World wide there are hundreds of servers and tens of thousands of computers that already are infected and just don't know it. The FBI has seized control (had control for months in many cases) of many of the infected servers as part of an effort to track down and catch the hackers that wrote the mal ware. On Monday the FBI will be shutting down the servers and if you are connected to one of them you will lose access to the internet.

Run the test as the FBI has put out a bit of test code to basically ping your primary server from your home computer. If it pings back from one of the infected servers then you will need to get your computer restored to get it fixed or you will be unable to get to the internet.

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