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Since the kids are getting into biking now, I needed a way to haul the bikes that was better than stuffing them inside the camper.  With 4 kids having bikes this camping season, we just didn't have room inside along with all of our other stuff.  I picked up a Yakima 5 position bike rack at our local bike store, some hardware from Lowe's and a bumper mount receiver hitch from the local RV dealer.  The Yakima Rack is very sturdy but I was concerned about the rather flimsy RV bumper that the receiver hitch bolts to.  So I created a way of "anchoring" the rack to the trailer frame that is easy to work with.  BTW this Yakima Rack is slick.  So far I am very impressed.  The integrated cable lock is worth it.  Some peace of mind when we stop for a bathroom break or to get food.  Won't prevent someone with the right tools from taking the bikes but combined with the large hard rubber "zip ties" that hold the bikes to the rack, it deters the "snatch and grab".  Ladies bikes that have "step through" frames can be hung on the rack with the help of a Yakima accessory bar that clips onto the seat post and the front stem of the bike.  The rack also can release from the upright position giving you access to the roof ladder or if installed on a SUV such as my wife's Expedition EL, it will allow the lift gate to open. 

The max weight rating on the bumper is 350lbs and with 4 bikes on the rack, I just didn't believe (trust) that the RV bumper would, over time, take the torque load the rack would transfer as we made our way down the road. Interstates are great but they can be bumpy!  The comealongs are the simple "grab latch" style - not the heavier ratcheting ones.  When the bikes are loaded the straps do a great job of transferring torque from the bikes rocking on the rack to the frame instead of it all being on the RV bumper. They are super easy to manage as well and didn't cost much.  Simple mod - took about 30 minutes to get it all setup and tested.  Couldn't have done it without the supervision of the red head ;)


Nice !

Looks good. Had to laugh that the receiver bolted to the bumper advertises a 3500 lb tow rating. I like your solution for the bikes though.  :)

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Yeah Nathan I don't think I would tow much of anything connected to that hitch!  Certainly not 3500lbs!



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