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Scary suspension failure
« on: September 03, 2019, 09:27:39 pm »
Hey there,

Just got back from a 4500 mole jaunt around Yellowstone, the Tetons and all points in between.  Got home safely and washed the trailer.  I hitched it up to take it to storage and did my normal walk around and look for anything out of place check.  I noticed a little distress to the tires on the left side of the trailer and bent down to investigate.  When I did, I was shocked to see the rear leaf spring was no longer attached to the equalizer.  Rather it was resting against the frame and the equaflex equalizer was rolled forward so the forward spring could also reach the frame.  As I processed what I was seeing, it suddenly dawned on me that the shackles and both bolts responsible for holding those together were gone. 

Now I had replaced the hardware 2.5 years ago with the lippert never fail nylon bushings and at that time put in new bolts and shackles that came with the kit.  I was getting uneven tire wear and that seemed to improve things.  The bushings still did look decent but I don't understand how both bolts were gone.  (Incidentally all hardware torques were checked after my last summer vacation, and the remaining bolts were all still tight).  Maybe I have to chalk it up to bad roads in Michigan but I'm still pretty unhappy.

So now the trailer is sitting in my driveway on Jack stands.  I decided to upgrade further and went with the Moryde wet bolt/bronze bushings.  I kept the equaflex equalizer in hopes of making things easier and cheaper (I hope I don't regret it).  Its not the worst job I've done but it's definitely some work.  Here's a photo comparing old and new hardware.

I sincerely hope this eliminates any further suspension troubles but will keep up with the daily checks during future vacations.  I'll also carry backup hardware just in case.  Safe travels everyone.

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