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Inverter Installation
« on: January 16, 2020, 11:28:26 am »
 I have had some fun of late! I installed 4 MQ2400 UPS style 12VDC AGM SLAB batteries connected to a Jupiter 2KW inverter. The inverter temporarily supplies power to power laptops, run tv, ETC. I liked how it operated. I am stepping this inverter up to an AIMS 5KW (10KW peak) Inverter. The batteries will get changed out too as I need depth in watts for run time. The end goal is to be able to run anything in the fifth wheel. I still need to be selective about what is run as the batteries have a finite life, of course.

 Connected to this will be 3 100 watt roof mounted Solar panels with front compartment mounted charge controller supplying charging power to the batteries and perhaps another item or two.

 The AIMS Inverter will then be connected to the Fifth Wheel converter panel with a drop out relay in-line sensing input power from the shore cable.

 Loss of input power will drop the relay out allowing 120 from the AIMS inverter to the Converter.
 Loss of Shore power also drops out charging voltage to the batteries as I don't want the batteries trying to charge themselves!! That wouldn't work very well.

 Since we'll be holding onto the Montana for a while we have decided we would do some of the mod'ing I have spoke of and will keep the fifth wheel feeling somewhat new with each addition.


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