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We will be taking the new Outback on the second trip of the year this weekend to Matagorda Bay Park.  The RV park is part of the Lower Colorado River Authority system, and is kept in pristine condition with concrete pads, picnic tables and river frontage just where the Colorado River enters the Gulf.  It is only a very short walk over the dunes to the beach, which is great for us beach walkers.  We don't swim here, but love to walk in the surf and just relax, watch the fishing boats go out and listen to the waves.  And it has been so dry and windy down here, we don't even have to worry about mosquitoes yet! 8)


How was your trip?  New Outback serving you well?


Hi, Mark:
We love the new Outback.  It is so roomy with tons of storage, a great entertainment center and bathroom with full shower. We couldn't be happier.  Matagorda Bay was great.  Not too crowded and not too hot.  Here is a picture of sunset last Friday looking over the Colorado River just before it enters the Gulf.

Thats a beautiful picture, glad all went well and provided a great camping weekend.


Nice picture! Did you guys camp right on the water like that or was this part of a hiking trail to get down to the river? Looks like a beautiful area!


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